Luggage Checked to Nowhere


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texture My favourite rapper, period. p.WRECKS is an inspiration.
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oj-kay The sickest artist in forever. Favorite track: Collars.
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released October 27, 2012

all lyrics by p.WRECKS, Recorded by Ave, Mastered by K. Clifton.

Trks 1 & 10 produced by Sales Wagon
Trks 2 & 9 produced by Ocean
Trks 3 & 7 produced by K. Clifton
Trk 4 produced by Iwwerks
Trk 5 produced by Guttah Face
Trk 6 produced by Xrin Arms
Trk 8 produced by Ionic 26

Chorus Sample on Collars from Nick cave and the bad seeds - more news from nowhere.




p.WRECKS Seattle, Washington

advancement through retrospect and all the effort put into it.

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Track Name: #GlitterUnicorn
Hash tag glitter unicorn one more time hash tag glitter unicorn
alright that’s enough.
Don’t need the pound sign to smash/ this delicate balancing act/ between obscurity and realism/ shit’s filthy isn't it/ as long as it knocks got a new notebook like I could foresee the future/ food shortages and all the best views boarded up/
foolish sorcerers set those crystal orbs back on the shelf before you offset the orbit and look like an asshole/ if I’m a miraculous accurate statement paver it’s on accident/ Wheat-pasters keep your faces from the public under lean twos/ Under roof I read my vandalism from an arm length away/ no buffing the over spoken/ rolling like a broken locomotive/ trying to pull this skeleton up slope/ but lacking the motivation to do so/
For now tempo drives axles/ raps act as energy source/ gathering momentum in that menacing sorta’ /rage against the stasis field we play ball in/ well you sit the bench cause life isn't really as fair as they said it was is it?/ You could
get robbed at gun point at a job fair/ trampled by a flash mob of dancers doing the running man,/ wait but it’s not the 90’s anymore is it?/ Remember when conversations didn’t involve touch screens/ convenience outweighed creation by a couple pounds/ knocked creation down twice by the time the bell for the second round sounded/ then something snapped within then back in it like this presence is permanent/ and served convenience a left hook that broke it’s nose and both eye sockets/ don’t blink don’t think you’re gonna need a notification to know where this is headed/ my bottom shelf unleaded method of getting the job done/ No fucking regrets/ attack ask questions never/ actions trying to speak louder than campaign propaganda/ we do more in our dingy clothes than politicians are stingy/ Lumbering irukandji style gotta keep stinging em’/ for the allergic reaction/ I’m now literally detached from the axis/ ant farm through the looking glass my seem like madness/ when all there is to look forward to is pay-day loans and more taxes/ since when has it been about not demonstrating talent/I’ll aim mine like a point click interface/
at the L.C.Domesticated agreed to the rules and regulations the device depreciated in value the second you picked it up./
Track Name: Faux Forest
In the words of Phillip K. Dick “no single thing abides and all things are fucked up.”
Made this entrance feet first like a paratrooper with a death wish til’ collision with your coliseums
Nothing is permanent
this ceremony celebrates Insomnia Isolation and Uncertainty/ Just record til the voices go silent/ this deadbeat growing fatigued learning which mistakes to keep/ Manipulate reality with words/ words serve as the, swerve absurdly out of context still isn't diluted retain individual identity grows rotten and collapses into ghosts and shadows grows rotten and collapses into ghosts and shadows/
Under a spiraling canopy lunar eclipsed by charcoal shading for the time being see reality is a dream sleeping community is a nightmare of being fragmented without being able to hold it together/ so we strayed away from to watch it crumble/ It grows rotten and collapses into ghosts and shadows grows rotten and collapses into ghosts/
and to the ones who grew a root system where there once was none/ thanks for giving me hope for something where there once was nothing to outlet/ the disdain I had for the things going on around me/
Including, the elusive selfish crudely constructed frame missing a few screws/ that could have crashed to the ground at anytime.
But now this pen does that heavy thinking for me microphone grill where my head used to be/ delivery is peaking meters like wild fires scorching content
with a grotesque mess of text and energy/ directed by a kind of psycho anises/
poltergeisting the system/
the words are bricks thrown from the shoulders of gargoyle statues spider webbing the negative side of all our dominions/ prisms filled to the brim with opinions but there’s no substitute for substance/ those drum kicks should punch through the numbness that 9 to 5 brings live by the ink/ on the brink of misery feasting on that mystery meat they all like to call beef/ with meat cleaver I chop through this buttery beat/ Sinking teeth in’
Before it all grows rotten and collapses into ghosts and shadows/
“The importance of having allies in your corner can’t be measured”
Uncertainty/ Just record until the voices go silent/ this deadbeat growing fatigued learning which mistakes to keep/ Manipulate reality with words/ words serve as the, swerve absurdly out of context still isn't diluted retain individual identity grows rotten and collapses into ghosts and shadows grows rotten and collapses into ghosts and shadows/
With eyes rolling back inside a stuffy head/ Knife tip inscribing things that require deciphering to be read/ Materialized many riddles hidden in the process waiting to be unhinged./
Now searching further for a dream reflecting the intention of this existence drink the strongest brew of this filth for the contrast/ for the concept two points of
interference polar opposites esoteric hypnotic dirge finds solace descending further into this nothingness we writhe as worms in symbolism/ inconceivable ambiance heavy rhythm composed dense/ Phosphorus redeemer Head full of daggers another nameless soul on the blacklist/
the destruction of reason by illumination as knowledge grows rotten and collapses into ghosts and shadows.
“When all there is to look at is Faux Forests think of this moment”
Track Name: Ingrediants
This is recollecting/ what an ignorant way of looking at things/ what an ignorant way of looking at change/

The heinous blame anyone but himself sabotage well to hell with the camouflage/
I’d rather them seeing the katana coming cutting through with on movement/
by the time this mic’s turned on/
stoned is the way of the walk doesn't get out much cooped up like hallucinogenic nimbus under halogens/ Just testaments of the investigations we did so you wouldn't have to/ still funky as a motherfucker wooden tooth rap matchstick in the mouth stewed proper/ can’t feud with the dehydrated it just
really there is no substitute for fresh raw ingredients/ this might be the cause of your industrial food processors to be put out of commission/ I don’t know why/ I prefer to dine on finger food in the crawlspace always looking for more elbow room this time try to make waves with a streamlined flow/ only to ripple the tempo from below /prefers the shadow would prefer to battle cast at any drastic drop in depth/ no organization or outfit kept make connection to the earth instead through these soliloquys/ Out of context solidarity is all we need to surpass it to keep it real not more trill lyrics and negligence/ we’ll be unaware regardless like our ear’s are
detachable /
non disposable for the art form Outperforming when out performing/
And though it goes without saying I like stylizing my sentences unstable so they sound as though your brain just caught up with your sense of hearing/ only to be left in the dust again with momentum like the cradle of Newton on this ladder of the most frugal/ see we respect progression but not just saying your progressive then wearing your beliefs on your visages/ between us if it’s between you keep it between just you and just be/ the lyrics couldn't fit underneath the sleeves so there is
no need for a concealed weapons permit/ boomerang ballista’s a hundred percent mechanism no matter the utensil used/ here just to taper the edge
cause I don’t see the point of being blunt except in the case of dear friends/

This is recollecting/ what an ignorant way of looking at things/ what an ignorant way of looking at change/
Track Name: Boring Like This
I like beats that are boring like this/ The boarding sign's lit/
take the cheap seat next to the emergency exit/ there's a leak in your flotation device and no oars/ keep kicking towards shore/ shoddy constructed shelter and warmth/ Charred tortoise on a tortilla chip for vital sustenance restoring utilize the sources coursing through our varicose veins/ bring to bare tape recordings my luggage checked to nowhere/ Still got here where ever here is or there was or wasn't mis-judged got buffed out before the outline was even put up I wonder what it would feel like if music wasn't some drunken stuntin’ find something to fuck or maybe it’s love or something like it/ whether you like it or not the budget means nothing show off I like beats that are boring like this no budging stance to support advancement pass on the passive aggressive we’re still listening to the classics on cassettes productions painting separate desolations carving underground caverns to explore with hard hats and lanterns/ clear some head room for the worry fog horn in the wrong hands current occurrences discouraging not expecting anything of what’s happening/ no response a rotten storage box of drugs bottled with love now bottoms up nose downward spiral to the landing zone known like the back of his hand holding the microphone/ Dusty shoulders musty odor trusts as far as one could throw underhanded not saying I've been anywhere you haven’t ever gone before/ helping to anchor the soil/ writing rhymes in the employment line the closest to working learning fast that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be/ to unimpressive as it ever was gotta’ keep trucking safe journey’s dad.
Track Name: Or Else
Ah.. my bad/ I thought you had a crucial substance shortage/
of course I could have come at a bad time/ maybe I can come back later when’s a better time to reach you/ I got multiple demonstrations I could show you to prove our product is superior to the competitors/ I promise I wouldn't ever lie to you/ in that sly tone smiling as if he is tired of his life and wants nothing but trouble/ breath reeking up the place like a life’s old hash pipe/ eyes tell the tales looks like he might ask politely for your wallet and keys to the ride and bail out/ don’t let him inside or else, or else it wouldn't just be the felt tips getting exercise/ night crawler couch surfing with a purpose/
Now I’m very much acclimated with the anticlimactic,
just would rather be in tune with the idiosyncrasies/individual unpredictable with the
syllables/ intermingle dissimilar in addition to this addiction/ listener before kicking divots in your perimeter/ No Soliciting!/
Meaning I’m not dinking around when I say I’m in to this as a whole/ I mean like I’ve been digging this hole relentless like it’s no sweat so there is nowhere else to go but up, I guess/
just jog right next to the Idea instead I zig zag right through and cut my self off Mid-/

Thank my lack of attention span…
Tedious and repetitive previously insensitive/ none of the plans panned out/
Tedious and repetitive previously insensitive/ incentive refraining self from being so fucking selfish/
Tedious and repetitive previously insensitive none of the plans panned out/
Tedious and repetitive previously insensitive/ incentive is refraining self from being so fucking selfish/

Or else in a whole different realm of knowledge/
compelled to rebel against/ fair weather government won’t give in, Don’t give in, won’t even acknowledge them/ the judges prejudice wrecked esteem/ stay diligent gents/ learned skills to embellish an otherwise rather worn out discipline/ became adept through listening/ speaking as an individual/
unsinkable by anastasia/
through exclusion findings inconclusive/ introducing a formidable foe folks/ sew it up like a patch
attached to the back of the camo not John Rambo/ locked and loaded round the clock though/
like what the hell is writers block? This was idle hand drawn from a down trodden pendulum rockin’/ what I brought forth/ the sultan of swat with a lunchbox of deep fried free thought out like an open screen door/ like what do we need beliefs for?/ in a slow silent walk through a poppy field searching for the weed store/ record than release like cloud seeding/ the students haven’t ruined the movement yet, yet just try and forget that humdrum shit even exists/ strictly sustenance til existence ends/ give back never looking back at the luggage rack again on to the next and then it’s on to the next/

or else it’s Tedious and repetitive previously insensitive none of the plans panned out/
incentive refraining self from being so fucking selfish/
Track Name: Submerge
We all submerge to feel okay with ourselves
And maybe I’m way behind/ I feel way above most of em’/
in the developmental sent sincere envelopes of text/ deposited at the moment but
nothing in the A.T.M at the moment/ its an Arm’s track You’re in/ no I’m not gonna say it again/ you can understand why cause a phrase loses spark after said a few times/ they said, let them in it will be fine and since you’re cool with riding in a coal mining cart down a 16 degree incline/ then climbing 13 staircases and did the secret knock and everything/ no, no one’s home come back another time/
he might be submerged in
another rhyme/
wait that might be insignificant/
throwing bricks and glass ships floating in bottles floating in the rhythm/ as seen or rather through the eyes of a storm brewing/ the orb’s fully occupied by the one uppers and accidentally kill everyone what have we doners/ whatever earns a salary right? This menagerie is so lame/ you’re telling me and some color get shot and catch a felony/
Stay inside make tapes with no walls just open doors/
Stay inside make tapes with no walls just open doors/
We’re all going through life smelling the stench of our timely ends / here I am stabbing some holes in the bloated beached whale in a tide pool/ entered chest cavity/
Submerged then never to surface again/ Just dump the bodies overboard rewind it/
reverse inboard/ Stay inside recording over tapes with no walls just open doorways/
do what I have the focus for/ broke as ever/ won’t break our determination just makes us work harder/ where touring is an oxymoron/ interpretations of conversations once had with the friends you kept/ he who used to need the compositions in hand to speak his steel trap/ leave that right where it stands/ mind my displaced stylized shit storm/ with a Rolodex of rhymes/ freestyles kept on speed dial/ no reason needer cold blooded creature creeping in the beats foliage/
taking pop-shots at hip-hop from point blank range/
Stay inside make tapes with no walls just open doors/
Stay inside make tapes with no walls just open doors/
Yo, scram you scaredy cats in cuff-links I got a whole drunk tank of mumbling ruffians to muffle still/
One Mic/ loop the break the old way of doing things, yeah it feels more authentic/
“The only lesson is now and they made a name for themselves raping us of that”/
Track Name: Windowless
In the darkness we’re still here/ weightless featherless unless there is dust on the record/ wings can’t be held by air this crisp/ so we continue to drive the decibels downward/ probably sounds different to the out of towners/ the upside is I’m a downer but down anytime to sharpen these blunt instruments without rounding any corners/
an assortment of substances ready to be absorbed/ for anyone who likes to intake those sort of things/ Like remember reality, oh that old thing, I’m glad I found it before having the garage sale to make space for more secret passageways/
I like my rap grimier than the scum at the bottom of a daily use ash tray/
Maybe you can be a door to an empty hallway/

Continue to step up my game even if the talent is deemed unnecessary in being a
contributing member of modern society/

It’s just I never felt the urge to trace it on to carbon paper/ just freeform story boarding/ and boarding school was boring/ pool of distorted nothing gotta do something with all this stored energy/ Hit trees to feel more stoic/ loading the bowl in excess most of the time/ this seems like the most opportune time for the red ring of death, like I can get any more productive right?/ Wrote that last line in a heightened sense of self awareness/ feeling some HighMoku sample rearranging methods/ check it,
One component constant/ uncommon doctrine a solemn promise/ the most
mentally demanding option/ a damaging dogma walls are solid/ wrecking ball can’t fall them so scrawl on them like a vandal does/ thinking out loud through aerosol propellant pigments derived by resin/ dead ended long winded over staying his welcome/
just by stepping on the welcome mat/ this job market is dog shit/
been misrepresented by incompetence since conception/ too many politics for this kid and not enough competition/
been misrepresented by incompetence since conception too many politics for this kid and no competition/
Continue to step up my game even if the talent is deemed unnecessary in being a
contributing member of modern society/
Track Name: We've, Weave
Well good evening tele-propaganda/ my choice is F for we’re all fucking doomed
either way/ then hanging up the phone and going on with my day light saving lightening bugs in mason jars to light our dark path with/ Venture Forth Crawlspace Dwelling..
wait that’s the chorus/ might as well just stand back and watch them tear each other apart for the envy/ and greedy fingers commercial interruptions/ a portion of the
proceeds is provided by corruption/ and disillusioned management crumpling upon itself like imploding after the covers blown/ fuck public transit I think I might just hover home/

Venture forth crawlspace dwelling dusty sample arrangers/
Venture forth current perception recollecters/ Venture forth crawlspace dwelling dusty sample arrangers/
Venture forth current perception recollecters/ Venture Forth Remain Opinionated/

And feel free to tread on the augmented decaying social appearance/ purveyed by the judging the book by it’s cover everyone does on the regular/ but swears up and down they wouldn't ever do some shit like that/ and so what if I’m a decrepit sketchbook with shelf life as long as it should be/ you gotta experience everything you can before
spontaneously com-busting/ wait that’s stupid/
how you gonna be drowning in a drought? If judging it you probably didn't ever love enough/ like only affection in public or just buy me shit/ to show your scantily clad in lingerie appreciation/ ahh Fuck that I’d rather choke the party crowd with their candy jewelry/ rather rip an emcee down to just debris where once it was standing / only way most this shit should be going anywhere is the so-called backpack rapper carrying a backpack full of their own demo discs/ Naw, still wouldn't be going anywhere/ cause they have the power to blot out your pretend existence with a downward pen stroke./
Venture Forth Remain Opinionated
Dead broke open to any ideas that could change the situation any/ jotting for the natural remedy/ embrace nature nervous that it might be bitter because what the ones before had done to offset the growing process/ You make progress like pond scum/ stagnant bodies starving for the monsoon season/ spokes G.O.T.S calm seen the storm coming by Doppler so double rationed/ still hungry as ever/
staying up under the weather in indoor umbrella opening ceremonies/

Weave all have our envelopes of spores to disperse amongst dispensaries with similar variety and develop from myc form and soil thirsting for the nutrients/
this environment offers me plenty/
Track Name: Collars
Space of the prism has been Wrecked Uppercase blVc
And contrary to what some might think / we’re all lonely and disgusting test subjects just trying to find time to sleep/ trying to find room to think/
getting tired of believing in anything/ Yo, tax my breath, I’ll just hold it in/
Now scratching out my thoughts in their entirety/ How much stress you got? / gotta’ find an outlet not some vacation luxury suite with the Jacuzzi and full mini bar/ I’m talking a spot hidden away from society decaying/ and mind you this is mine/ it’s getting
repetitious without any speculation of why it’s happening/ doesn't seem like we are learning from our mistakes does it?/ Does it even bother you?/
putting all our baggage on public display/ and everyone obtaining little tidbits of
information but still no one knows shit about how to be the pilot/
like you’re on final boarding to the flight to nowhere and You’re the pilot, no I’m the pilot wrote this with a pilot, you get my drift/ like it ain't a coincidence captain going down with the spacecraft as the band puts on a record and abandons ship/

Are the Shards retractable/ cut tracks in pieces with/ Like slicing samples/ why it reads like a mangled dis-assembly manual/ heating the metal til you can’t hold the fucking handle/ either fold bend in half or stand up to let this music be the back bone/
needing a back brace to stand up straight and begin marching/
No this is archery, the millisecond for the feather fletching to pass the bow hand/
and you think of all the effort it took to shape the arrowhead out of the stones cast in the direction of the personal reflection this is/ became separation from all/
that’s relative/ instead deftly steps in the direction of antagonists destruction/
not just discussing it in public to feel underestimated/ probably is over-appreciated/
a depreciating artifact collection restarting every eleven seconds/ excessive amount of venom in every stinger/ bringer of dissent,
represent self that’s it/
all you have is the present to let ferment/ nothing’s permanent it’s just one
melo-dramatic event spinning towards catastrophic/ where all you got is friends/ some are fucking fraudulent /I’m over that/ motor mouths who get the job done like economic growth gloats of the most gross pop up centerfold for the dopest Morse codes/
microphone to unload off the chest like a broken collarbone/
ninja move checkmate style/ in a secret missile silo of my hip-hop dementia/
it’s all in where your heads at/ baffling as it seems/
Track Name: Garbage Guardian$
To provoke thought where others fail to do so/
where others fail to do so/

I've been so forgetful as of late/ I think I must’ve forgotten your forgetful face/
a forgetful face in the obstacle race of wave lengths/ autopilot upper cased/ changing lanes with no hands on the side reigns/ my enraged mind frame creates turbulence on a different plane/ on a different/ bring a little bit of grain to the sound scape/
sounds cape structurally unsound in the first place/ off balance on the back of a
galloping horse with no pulse/ no pulse he checked/ just unhooked the bandwagon
over affectionate/ over affectionate he let the others go/ now Light a shuck, Lit a shuck as soon as the lantern’s lit/ then cover as much ground as possible before day break/ because by noon you can see the radiation rise/ taste the alkaline levels raise/
dehydrated delirious and full of hunger pains/ in hunger pains each scavenger stabbing forks at the same room temperature rare steak/ on some keep your grubby mitts away from My Fucking Salmonella

And that’s karma/ In the darkest depths he harnessed the art of the hardest hardships/ eventually became a martyr/ sharpened up obsidian shards til razor thin/ to cut through carnivores like margarine and satisfy the carnal urge to cause carnage/

And that’s karma/ In the darkest depths he harnessed the art of the hardest hardships/ eventually became a martyr/ sharpened up obsidian shards til razor thin to cut through carnivores like margarine and satisfy the carnal urge to cause carnage/

Or is it just jargon/ I jotted from the very bottom of the mine shaft/ rhyme scheme to keep minds at bay/ I assault like salt on snails/ with lines I try to provoke thought where others fail to do so and promote themselves instead.